What M2 Money Growth Says About US Employment Numbers (Job Creation Will Likely Slow As Fed Removes Monetary Stimulus, REAL Hourly Earnings YoY Are Declining)

Joe Biden is the king of malaprops. But his press secretary is just as bad as her boss. Recently, she said that under Biden, there were 10,000 million jobs created. Better known as 10 BILLION jobs created. Not bad, considering that the total population of the US is 333 million. THAT is a hot labor market! /sarc

But seriously, the US U-3 unemployment rate is 3.7% in August, the lowest since Donald Trump was President and BEFORE the Covid outbreak. The Covid economic shutdown saw a surge in the unemployment rate to 14.7% in April 2020 that begat a huge spike in M2 Money growth (22% YoY in May 2022 (green line). Only now is M2 Money growth returning to Trump-era growth rates.

But as The Federal Reserve removes its hefty monetary stimulus, it is unlikely that the unemployment rate will remain low.

In defense of Biden’s press secretary, the US economy saw 10.247 million jobs added under Biden (although while technically correct, even MSNBC wouldn’t give Biden credit for job creation in his first several months as President. Check that. They probably would.

April 2020 saw a decline in US jobs of -20.493 million jobs thanks to the Covid economic shutdowns. BUT with the M2 Money surge, we saw +12.1 million jobs added between May and November 2020 under Trump. Then the US elected China Joe (or Beijing Biden) as President.

The economic shutdowns due to Covid were an economic disaster for millions. But the surge in M2 Money (supporting the various Federal spending programs and inflation) explains the surge in jobs added, not economic wizardry of Biden.

For some reason, Biden and his press secretary failed to mention that inflation is so bad that REAL average hourly earnings YoY are declining at a 3% pace.

And not surprisingly, job growth has accrued to big corporations and not small businesses.