US Existing Home Sales Plunge -35.4% In November, 16 Straight Months Of Negative YoY Growth (Median Price YoY Falls To 3.21% As Fed Stimulus Wears Out)

One of the big problems with Federal goverment and Federal Reserve monetary stimulus is … it wears out. Just look at M2 Money growth.

US existing homes sales fell -7.70% in November to 4.09 million units SAAR. And since the same month last year, existing home sales are down -35.4% YoY.

Existing home sales were the lowest in November since 2010.

The good news? The median price of existing homes fell to 3.21% YoY. The bad news? The ark is really bad pointing to a bad December. Inventory for sale (orange line) remains below pre-Covid shutdown levels.

Of course, will the Federal government and Federal Reserve come riding to the rescue of the housing market … again? It looks like The Fed is thinking about it.