Wasting Away Again In Bidenville! UMich Consumer Confidence Falls To 57.7 (100 Before Covid), Housing Seniment Sinks To 34)

Wasting away again in Bidenville, look for my lost economy.

Face it, nothing has been the same since 1) the Covid economic shutdowns, 2) the massive spending spree by Congress, the massive expansion of monetary stimulus by The Federal Reserve and 3) the election of Unaffordable Joe Biden,

The latest University of Michigan consumer survey is out and it is ugly, reflecting Biden’s ugly approval ratings. A sentiment value of 100 is a good baseline and US consumers were about at 100. Then Covid struck and the ensuing economic and school shutdowns (thank a lot Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers). Then we have the selection of Joe Biden as President, the WORST President in history.

Housing sentiment? It is now near the lowest level since 1982.

Here is Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, one of the only political non-donor class that still likes unaffordable Joe. But big Democrat donors LOVE Biden doling out billions to them!