US Real GDP Sinks To -0.002% As Fed Meets To Discuss Monetary Tightening (Declining Purchasing Power Of US Dollar)

While expected, it is still unwelcome news.

The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow real-time GDP forecast for Q2 just sank into negative territory at -0.002%.

Let’s see how Real GDP does if The Fed actually withdraws its stimulus needle.

And consumer purchasing power keeps diving as The Fed keeps printing money.

Closing Hell! 10-year Treasury Yield Surges +11.3 Basis Points And Dow Drops -151 (Biden Never More Optimistic?)

I just read that President Biden has never been more optimistic about the US economy than he is now.

Well, today’s closing bell is not optimistic and is downright bearish.

The US Treasury 10-year yield rose … ANOTHER … 11.3 basis points as rumors circulate that The Fed might actually raise their target rate by 75 basis points.

And the venerable Dow (DJIA) is down -152 points today.

Markets are anticipating an increase of The Fed Funds target rate from 1% to 1.568%, less than the rumored 75 basis point increase being bandied about.

At least Columbus Ohio home prices are growing slower than the national average.

If Biden is wildly optimistic about the economy, then he needs to get out of The White House and talk to average Americans and not people like Robert De Niro.

Curly’s Oyster Stew? April Home Prices Grow At 20.9% YoY As Fed Is Slow To Remove Massive Monetary Stimulus (But Watch Out!)

US home prices are still skyrocketing as The Federal Reserve kept its massive foot on the monetary accelerator pedal.

CoreLogic’s home price index grew at a 20.9% YoY pace in April, but is expected to slow to 5.6% YoY in late 2022.

Remember peeps, The Fed still have its staggering monetary stimulypto in place.

The Fed is signaling its withdrawal of stimulus, causing mortgage rates to soar.

Given the slowdown of the US and global economy, we shall see if The Fed keeps to its tightening plans. As of today, the market is expecting The Fed to raise its target rate from 1% to 3.819% by February 2023. That is a 291% increase in The Fed’s target

The Fed trying to tame inflation (caused by The Fed and Biden’s energy policies and Congressional spending) is like Curly trying to eat oyster stew.

Closing Hell! NASDAQ Tanks -4.58%, 10Y Treasury Yield Spikes +22 Basis Points, 10Y-2Y Yield Curve Flattens To Near Zero (MBS Prices Pull A Titanic)

Not nibbling on baby formula, watching the sun bake, all those people paying $5 per gallon for gas. Wasting away again in Biden/Powellville.

It was closing hell for a terrible day in markets as investors struggle to process the dreadful and seemingly endless inflation report on Friday.

What happened today? The NASDAQ tanked -4.58% and the 10-year Treasury yield jumped 22.2 basis points. Gulp.

The 22.2 bps jump in the 10-year Treasury yield has led to Agency MBS prices pulling a Titanic and sank.

Somehow, I don’t think that Biden and Congress are going to help the middle class and low-wage workers.

Fear The Talking Fed! US Treasury And MBS Returns Get Hammered As Fed Signals Monetary Tightening (Mortgage Rate Rises And 10Y-2Y Yield Curve Flattens To 8.8 Basis Points)

The Federal Reserve is making up for Bernanke and Yellen’s “too slow to remove” Fed stimulus policies (QE1 – QE3) and Powell’s Covid-related QE4. Now The Fed is trying to remove the stimulus in a (misguided) attempt to cool inflation. Remember, the dramatic rise in prices was caused by more than Fed stimulypto, it was also caused by Biden’s executive orders driving up oil, gasoline and natural gas prices and the massive Federal spending bills signed by Biden.

The result of The Fed’s jawboning about undoing Fed stimulypto is take away the punch bowl. But the results are troubling. Both the total return indices for US Treasuries and Agency Mortgage-backed Securities (MBS) have declined dramatically since inflation has been rising (highest in 40 years) and The Fed is expected to crank their target rate by February 2023 to 3.448% (The Fed Funds Target Rate currently stands at 1%). That is almost a 250 basis point rise in the target rate in 8 months.

While the 10-year rate is rising rapidly, the 2-year Treasury yield is REALLY rising fast.

And the yield curve (10Y-2Y) is down to +8.819 basis points as The Fed signals tightening.

And with rising 10 and 2Y Treasury yields, we are seeing the fastest rise in mortgage rates since 1981.

Weekend Update! US Gasoline Tops $5 (Highest In History), 2Y Treasury Yields Soaring, Mortgage Rates Highest Since 2008 (Inflation Tax Costing Households $5,200 More YoY)

Up, up and away in our inflationary balloon!

Regular gasoline prices have breached the $5 a gallon barrier, the highest in recorded history. And it is even worse in states like California where regular gas prices have been above $7 per gallon.

Bankrate’s 30-year mortgage rate is now 5.78%, the highest since 2008. And rising really fast as The Fed tightens the monetary noose.

Speaking of noose tightening, the 2-year US Treasury Note yield is rising awfully fast.

The US Treasury 10Y-2Y curve slope just flattened to 8.819 bps and challenging the 0% grade awfully fast.

The US Dollar is soaring as US inflation soars, consumer purchasing power (green line) collapses along with M2 Money Velocity.

There is little doubt that soaring inflation, gasoline and food prices have hurt Biden’s popularity as well as the Democrats popularity ahead of the upcoming mid-year elections. People for the most part vote with their wallets.

According to estimates by Bloomberg Economics, US households will spend $5,200 more this year than they did last year on the same consumption basket.

That breaks down to $433 extra in expenditures every single month. That is what is called “the inflation tax.” And it hurts.

Call this The Inflation Tax Blues.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot! US Inflation Soars To 8.6% YoY For May, Fed Expected To REALLY Start Jacking-up Rates (Mortgage Rates Rise To 5.58%, The Highest Since 2009)

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

Inflation, the bane of the middle class and working families, just rose to 8.6%.

Core inflation, that excludes energy and food, actually declined slightly to 6% from 6.2% in April. But since most families are concerned with gas prices and food, (not to mention home prices growing at 21.17% YoY), core inflation really underestimates the suffering.

Under Biden’s leadership in cooperation with eternal Fed stimulus (until now), inflation started at 1.4% YoY and has increased to 8.6% YoY. The Fed’s balance sheet has increased by 20.27% (more monetary Stimulypto!), Case-Shiller home prices started at 10.44% YoY and has now doubled to 20.55% YoY. Regular gasoline started at $2.57 and is now at $5.42, up 102%. Food is up 61%.

The Fed is expecting two half-point hikes followed by quarter-point increases.

And mortgage rates keep rising as The Fed fights the inflation fire.

Here is a video of Milton Friedman speaking on inflation.

On the hotter than expected inflation news, the US Treasury 10Y-2Y curve flattened to 12 bps.

Tower of … inflation?

Moving? Diesel Prices UP 117% Under Biden, Gasoline UP 106%, Natural Gas UP 281%

As I line up my move from Fairfax VA to Columbus OH, I am getting a variety of quotes from moving companies. And wow! The cost of moving using a national moving company for a 4 bedroom house is $15,000 to $20,500. That includes International, North American and Bekins.

One of the reasons for the high cost of moving is the massive increase in diesel fuel used for trucking. Diesel fuel under Biden has risen 117%. And since it was revealed that natural gas often is used for electric charging stations, and NATGAS is up 281% under Biden (but there aren’t many electric moving trucks yet).

The other problem facing moving companies is labor scarcity. Despite our open borders with Mexico and millions flowing across the border, moving companies STILL can’t find crews. Both Mayflower and United refused to give me a quote for moves under $1,000.

And for any of you who say “Do it yourself!”, I am physically disabled and can’t do it.

I wonder if it would be less expensive if we used horse-drawn moving vans?

Fed Data Shows a Half Century of Moderate Growth in the Fed’s Balance Sheet Through Two World Wars – Then a Seismic Explosion Under Bernanke, Yellen and Powell (Mortgage Rates Rise To Highest Since June 2009)

Wall Street on Parade had an excellent article showing the seismic explosion in the Fed’s Balance Sheet after the housing bubble burst and ensuing financial crisis.

Here is my version of their chart since 2000 where you can seen the seismic shift in the balance sheet (toxic green slime line), particularly with The Fed’s response to Covid. The Fed is signaling a tightening in monetary policy to help reduce inflation (blue line).

But notice that M2 Money Velocity (GDP/M2) is now near the all-time low along with consumer purchasing power.

How BIG is The Fed’s balance sheet? Try more that a third of size of US GDP.

And as The Fed signals its inflation-fighting intentions, mortgage rates have shot up to 5.51%, the highest mortgage rate since June 2009.

Here is a video of the seismic shift in The Fed Balance Sheet, now that they are allegedly tightening monetary policy.

Speaking of seismic shifts, the Atlanta Fed’s Q2 GDP tracker just fell to +0.9%.

The Fed’s noose is tightening on the economy.

The Fed’s Missouri Boat Ride! Housing Acquisition Index Rises 114.5% Under Biden As Housing Price Reductions Rise 70% YoY (House Price Growth Will Freeze)

I call this The Federal Reserve’s Missouri Boat Ride.

Meaning that The Fed has kept monetary stimulus in play for too long since late 2008 helping to lower mortgage rates from over 6% in November 2008 to 2.98% in November 2021. Then came “The Missouri Boat Ride” as The Fed signaled monetary tightening, leading to mortgage rates skyrocketing to their highest level since 2010.

The result of rising home prices AND mortgage rates? Housing acquisition prices (home prices * 30 year mortgage rates) have skyrocketed.

Between rising home prices and rising mortgage rates, we see that number of prices reductions increasing at nearly 70% YoY (chart courtesy of

Of course, Congress and the media will never ask Janet Yellen (former Fed Chair [2013-2018] and current Treasury Secretary) WHY she kept massive monetary stimulus around for so long. Or why current Fed chair Powell did the same with Covid-related monetary stimulus.

Time to buy gold and silver??