Alarm! Fed’s Bullard Says US Recession Fears Overblown With Consumers Healthy (My Response In One Chart: REAL Average Wage Growth At -3.34% YoY, Real GDP Growth At … 0%)


No problemo, says James “Bully” Bullard, President of the St Louis Federal Reserve. Bullard said that US recession fears are overblown with consumers “healthy.”

Really Jim?

Inflation is so bad they REAL average hourly earnings growth keeps falling and is now -3.34% YoY.

Apparently, real GDP growth of ZERO doesn’t bother Bullard either.

Apparently, we are still Under The Thumb of The Federal Reserve.

Double Whammy, Staglflation Style! US Rents Soaring (12%) As Real-time Q1 GDP Slows To 0.7%

Call this a double whammy! Red-hot rents combined with a slowing economy.

According to CoreLogic, single-family annual rent growth finished 2021 at a new record: 11.7% YoY for high tier rental properties and 10.4% YoY for low tier rental properties.

Of course, southern and southwest rental properties are seeing the fastest rent growth. Particularly Miami at 36% YoY. Phoenix is no slouch at 19% growth in rents.

Inflation is really ripping the insides out of America’s working class. Especially with real-time GDP slowing to 0.7%.

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