US 10-year Treasury Yield Surges +14 Basis Points As Strange Jobs Report Spurs Fed Rate Hike Fears

Today’s jobs report was … strange. While the US economy added more jobs than expected, we also saw labor force participation contract and real wage growth decline again.

The reaction in the bond market? US Treasury 10-year yields exploded by +14 basis points. As I used to tell my fixed-income students, any basis point jump or decline of 10 basis points or more is a BIG DEAL.

The implied target rate for The Fed (based on Fed Funds Futures) is now lower for the Jan 1, 2024 FOMC meeting (3.025%) than it is for the Sept 21, 2022 FOMC meeting (3.034%).

Mortgage rates? They will go up as The Fed removes its Brawndo, the economy mutilator.