Crossing The Fiscal Rubicon! Treasury Debt In Q2 >$10 TRILLION Than Real GDP (And Getting Worse As M2 Money Velocity Crashed And Burned)

The phrase “crossing the Rubicon” is an idiom that means that one is passing a point of no return. Its meaning comes from allusion to the crossing of the river Rubicon by Julius Caesar in early January 49 BC.

Indeed, the US crossed the FISCAL Rubicon in Q4 2012. That is when US Treasury Public Debt outstanding exceeded Real GDP. And the gap has been growing ever since.

In case you were wondering why M2 Money Velocity is so low, it is because the US is in constant crisis management mode as an excuse to spend trillions of dollars …. that generates progressively lower real GDP.

They built this nation on MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) which translates to the Federal government and Federal Reserve just wanting to spend trillions and trillions. Since 2005 (the peak of the housing bubble), the US Federal Reserve has increased the M2 Money stock more than real GDP growth in almost every quarter.

I remember when macroeconomists used to say “Everything is beautiful … as long as M2 Money growth is LESS than real GDP growth.” But we have apparently shifted to MMT when Everything is beautiful as long as there is a crisis and Congress can spend trillions.

Now Biden/Congress are spending billions in trying to reduce inflation (seriously, only in Washington DC would they think that massive spending bills would REDUCE inflation).

You might as well face it, we’re addicted to gov (spending).