The Oakland Stroke? Oakland CA Leads Nation In Home Price DECLINE At -15.1% Over 3 Months (San Francisco DOWN -11.2% Over 3 Months As Fed Removes Punch Bowl)

Is the Oakland housing market having a stroke?

The US housing market is facing stress thanks to The Federal Reserve’s “war on inflation.” As The Fed starts trimming its excess ballast and M2 Money growth YoY slows to the lowest since Pre-Covid, we are seeing housing markets like San Francisco beginning to experience declines in home prices.

According to Redfin, Oakland California is leading the nation in terms of declining sales prices at -15.1% over a 3 month period. Followed by Silicon Valley and San Jose at -12.7%. San Francisco is in third place at -11.2% (I will ignore Lake Havasu AZ since it is teeny but does have one of the London Bridges) and Austin TX is in 5th place at -9.7%.

Powell and The Fed are doing “The Oakland Stroke.”