We’re Going Down! US Treasury 10yr-2yr Yield Curve Inverts To -54.4 BPS, Lowest Since Volcker’s War On Inflation

We’re going down!

As The Federal Reserve battles inflation (caused by excessive monetary stimulus since 2008), Biden’s green energy policies and excess Federal government spending), we can see that the US Treasury 10yr-2yr yield curve has inverted to -54.4 basis points, the lowest since 1982 after Fed Chair Paul Volcker’s war on inflation.

The US Treasury 10yr-2yr yield curve typically inverts (or goes below zero) several months prior to a recession and is most inverted since 1982.

Fed Funds futures data points to the target rate rising to 4.613% by the May ’23 FOMC meeting … then declining.

Since this is rather miserable news for the economy, I will now play my favorite Bruce Springsteen tune, Sherry Darling.

At least the Dow Jones mini-me futures are up this morning.

The US Dollar/Euro cross currency is rising with Fed tightening.