The Tighten Up! Banks Tightening Credit Boxes As Median Age Of US Homebuyers Rises From 31 To 47

The Federal Reserve is doing Archie Bell and The Drells “Do The Tighten Up!”

Over the fourth quarter, significant net shares of banks reported having tightened standards on C&I loans to firms of all sizes.

Banks also reported having tightened all queried terms on C&I loans to firms of all sizes.

Actually, banks are tightening standards across the various credit boxes.

And as banks tighten up their credit box, we are seeing the median age of US homebuyers rising from 31 to 47 years.

As banks tighten, we are seeing a slow down in the growth rate for C&I lending and 1-4 unit mortgage lending.

This is reminding me of Germany where you save for your entire life to buy a home.

Somehow, I don’t think Biden will mention any of this is his State of the Union address tonight.

The Core! Core PCE Deflator Declines To 4.4% YoY As M2 Money Stops Spinning At -1.3% YoY (Taylor Rule Estimate Now 10.0%)

There was a hilarious film with Hillary Swank and Aaron Ekhart called “The Core” where earth’s core stops spinning and the earth gets cooked by the Sun’s rediation. Now we learn that the Earth’s inne core has actually stop spinning. This time, however, all that has happened is that Joe Biden is President which is almost as bad,

But also related to “The Core” is that the important Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) are out for December along with PCE price deflator numbers. In short, personal income was up 0.2% month-over-month (MoM) in December while personal spending was down -0.2%. REAL personal spending was down -0.3% MoM.

But the all important PCE deflators numbers were down all well. The REAL PCE price index (or deflator) was down to 5.0% YoY in Decmember while REAL CORE price index was down to 4.40%. All this is happening as M2 Money growth has stop spinning (down to -1.3% YoY in December).

Based on a CORE PCE YoY of 4.40%, the Taylor Rules suggest that The Fed Fund Target rate should be … 10%. However, the current Fed Funds Target rate is only 4.50%, so The Fed is not even half way there.

Fed Funds Futures are pointing to a peak rate of 4.90% by the June ’23 FOMC meeting, then a pivot (despite denials from Fed talking heads).

Of course, The Fed doesn’t follow the Taylor Rule or any other transparent rule for rate management. Rather, Fed Chair Powell like former Chair (and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen) follow a more seat-of-the-pants approach.

US Mortgage Rates Rise To 7.04% As Housing Market Chills (WTI Crude And Gasoline Prices On The Rise Again As Biden Fails To Convince OPEC To Pump More Oil)

Under “Nuclear Joe” Biden, the US is truly the land of confusion.

As the Biden Administration touts “affordable housing,” we are seeing the 30-year mortgage rate rise above 7% as The Federal Reserve fights inflation … caused by the Biden Administration. Meanwhile, US home prices are falling.

The Biden Administration launched a war on domestic energy production, resulting in crude oil prices rising 74% under Biden and regular gasoline prices rising 62.4%.

As Biden pleaded with OPEC to increase oil production, he was embarrassingly rejected. Hence, West Texas Crude Oil prices have begun to rise again along with gasoline prices (pink box).

How about unemployment and the 10yr-2yr yield curve?

Fed Talk,Talk! Mortgage Applications SURGE 56% WoW As Treasury Yields Tank (Purchase Apps Spike 28% WoW)

Despite the “Talk, Talk” from The Federal Reserve about balance sheet taper and rate “normalization,” we actually saw the 10-year Treasury yield fall from 1.6651% on 11/23/2021 to 1.343 on 12/3/2021. While the 30-year mortgage rate only fell from 3.31% to 3.3%, it is the SIGNAL that The Fed is sending that people should refinance their mortgages ASAP.

You can see the rise in mortgage refinancing applications of 56% week-over-week (WoW) (white line) with the drop in the 10-year Treasury yield (blue line) despite the relatively small drop in the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) tiny drop in their 30-year mortgage rate index.

Ditto for the MBA mortgage purchase application index. The drop in the US Treasury yield (blue line) resulted in a 28% WoW increase in mortgage purchase applications.

Here is the table of MBA data for the week of 12/03.

Please note that the 10-year Treasury yield have jumped since 12/03 indicating that mortgage application activity for the week of 12/10 will be lower.

Here is the MOVE bond volatility index and the US Treasury 10-yield chart. Can you spot the COVID outbreak??

Here is a video of Fed Chair Jay Powell doing “Talk, talk” about tapering.