7 Months Of Night! US GDP Real Disposable Income Fell For 7 Straight Months As Fed Removes Punchbowl (Biden’s Economy Lost $4 TRILLION In Real Disposable Income Since March 2021, A -21% Loss)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bidenomics, giving the US 40 year highs in inflation leading The Federal Reserve to remove its enormous monetary stimulus (known as “The Punch Bowl.”

I previously pointed out that US Real GDP was actually less than 1% year-over-year (YoY) in 2022, hardly a fantastic number given the trillions in Biden/Pelosi/Schumer spending (Omnibus, Infrastructure, etc) and Powell/Fed’s whopping monetary stimulus in 2020. But real disposable income, the amount households have left to spend after adjusting for inflation, had been falling for 7 straight months.

In fact, REAL disposable personal income peaked in March 2021, shortly after Biden was sworn-in as President in Janaury 2021 at $19,213.9 billion (or $19.214 TRILLION). As of December 2022, real personal disposable income had fallen to $15,213.0 or $15.213 TRILLION. That is a loss of $4 TRILLION since March 2021. Or a -21% Loss in Real Disposable Income.

Here is the campaign video for Joe Biden from 2020.

Biden’s campaign photo.