Next US Inflation Report After Midterm Elections Likely To Remain High (Projection For Headline Inflation = 7.9%, Core Inflation = 6.5%) As Diesel Prices UP 102% Under Biden And Inflation UP 486%

The US midterm elections are Tuesday. I was denied an absentee ballot for some reason, but I will get my disabled body over to the local precinct to cast my ballot.

Fortunately for Democrats, the next inflation report is not due out until November 10th. Because the forecast for the next inflation report is ugly.

Headline CPI YoY = 7.9%

Core CPI YoY = 6.5%

These numbers are slightly lower than the last inflation report, but Americans are still suffering mightily under Biden’s Reign of Error.

Diesel fuel prices, the lifeline of the food industry, is up 102% under Biden’s mandates with the inventory of diesel fuel down 36%.

Inflation is relentless like Jason from Halloween.

Inflation is UP 486% under Inflation Joe, The Bully of DC.

I am going for a few Tequila shots on Wednesday.

My Kuroda! Dow UP 774 Points And 10Y Treasury Yield Down -2.2 BPS As Japan’s Central Bank Intervenes To Prop Up Currency (Options Expiration Likely Explanation For Stock Surge)

My Kuroda!

Wall Street saw another day of stunning reversals, with stocks rallying after a Treasury selloff sputtered. The yen jumped as Japan intervened again to prop up the currency.

After many twists and turns, the S&P 500 pushed solidly into the green and headed for its best week since June as 10-year yields fell from the highest since 2007.

Probably because The Fed is likely to pivot with impending recession. The Dow is up 774 points this Friday. And today was a huge option expiration day!!

And the 10-year Treasury yield fell -2.2 basis points.

Here is the result of Japan’s intervention.

But today’s numbers were largely monthly stock index option expiration.

Why did it fall upon Powell to be the wielder of the Fed tightening scimitar? Why didn’t Yellen? Because “Good Girls Don’t.” But Powell did.

Have a nice weekend. I will be rooting for Ohio State to annihilate the Iowa Hawkeyes at noon on Saturday.

Great Reset?? US Treasury 10yr Yield Tanks -20 Basis Points (UK 10yr Tanks -24.1 BPS)

As I frequently told my investment and fixed-income securities students at Chicago, Ohio State and George Mason University, any 10 basis point change in the US Treasury 10-year yield is significant.

But how about today’s 20 basis point decline in the US Treasury 10-year yield?

The UK’s 10-year yield is down even more at -24.1 basis points. Germany is down -18 bps and France is down -10.3 bps.

Speaking of credit default swaps, Credit Suisse is back to financial crisis levels while UBS and Deutsche Bank are not … yet.

And gold jumped $28.5 dollars today as POP goes the yield.

With all the turbulence in markets thanks to the war in Ukraine and Biden’s green energy mandates and spending (not to mention Statists like Klaus Schwab screaming about a Great Reset), I was reminiscing about more simple times.

No Escape From Biggest Bond Loss in Decades as Fed Keeps Hiking (Agency MBS Facing Big Losses As Well As Mortgage Rates Keep Rising)

US pension funds seem to have no where to run, and no where to hide. They just need to keep on running as The Federal Reserve tightens.

(Bloomberg) Investors who might be looking for the world’s biggest bond market to rally back soon from its worst losses in decades appear doomed to disappointment.

The US employment report on Friday illustrated the momentum of the economy in face of the Federal Reserve’s escalating effort to cool it down, with businesses rapidly adding jobs, pay rising and more Americans entering the workforce. While Treasury yields slipped as the figures showed a slight easing of wage pressures and an uptick in the jobless rate, the overall picture reinforced speculation the Fed is poised to keep raising interest rates — and hold them there — until the inflation surge recedes. 

Swaps traders are pricing in a slightly better-than-even chance that the central bank will continue lifting its benchmark rate by three-quarters of a percentage point on Sept. 21 and tighten policy until it hits about 3.8%. That suggests more downside potential for bond prices because the 10-year Treasury yield has topped out at or above the Fed’s peak rate during previous monetary-policy tightening cycles. That yield is at about 3.19% now.

Then we have Bankrate’s 30-year mortgage rate soaring on Fed intervention expectations.

Inflation? US inflation is near its highest in 40 years and the USDollar Plain Vanilla Swap was at 0.50 when Biden first took office as President and is now 3.371 (quite an increase!).

Here is an interesting chart of FNCL 2% Agency MBS.

US Treasury Yields And Mortgage Rates Rise As Fed Vows To Extinguish Inflation Fire (Caused By Themselves And BAD Federal Policies) Check Out The Eurozone

As inflation burns the US middle class and low wage workers, The Federal Reserve reaffirmed at Jackson Hole that they are the NEW Smoky The Bear (only The Fed can fight inflation fire!) But of course, Federal spending and energy policies can drive up prices too.

Having said that, the 2-year Treasury yield and 30yr mortgage rate are rising rapidly.

The Fed is trying to cool demand by raising rates after lax monetary policy since late 2008.

While the US 2-year Treasury yield is up only slightly today, the Eurozone is seeing their 2-year sovereign yields spiking by 11-15+%.

University Of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index Improves From Disastrous To Horrible (Buying Conditions For Houses Remains Horrible)

The University of Michigan consumer survey is out for August and the results show improvement … from disastrous to just plain horrible.

The University of Michigan Buying Conditions for Houses remained depressed and didn’t improve.

Bear in mind that today’s consumer sentiment reading in the lowest since 1970, lower than during any recession.

The Conference Board’s leading economic indicator plunged in June despite nearly $8 trillion in Fed stimulus still outstanding.

The good news? President Biden and his son Hunter boarded Air Force One for a carbon-spewing plane trip to South Carolina for a one-week vacation. At least he can do less damage to the US while on vacation.

NOT Beautiful! US Mortgage Rates Decline Slightly To 5.73% As Fed Raises Rates And Recession Probability Increases (30Y Rate UP 99% Under Biden)

Everything is NOT beautiful for the mortgage market. In fact, the 30-year mortgage rate is up 99% since Biden took office as President.

Mortgage rates are rising in part thanks to The Federal Reserve trying to control inflation (caused by Biden’s energy policies and spending). But mortgage rates are down slightly today.

Bear in mind that REAL wage growth is negative, thanks to Bidenflation.

Joe Biden’s policies are a real heartbreaker for millions of Americans. And Jill Biden is the living, loving baby sitter.

Ted Day! Spread Between 3M Libor And 3M Treasury Yield Rising Fast (Recession Alert!)

Its Ted Day!

TED refers to the difference between the three-month Treasury bill and the three-month LIBOR based in U.S. dollars, a measure of fear in the market.

The 3-month TED spread is rising awfully fast. A sign of impending recession.

US bank credit default swaps (CDS) are rising fast as inflation gets ugly.

The US Treasury 10Y-3M curve is bumping against the zero barrier.

I am still shaking my head at President Biden chastising gasoline stations for not lowering prices at the pump when refiners are near full capacity and the Biden Administration is doing nothing to increase the supply of US-source non-green energy.

But what the heck. It’s Ted Day!

Closing Hell! NASDAQ Tanks -4.58%, 10Y Treasury Yield Spikes +22 Basis Points, 10Y-2Y Yield Curve Flattens To Near Zero (MBS Prices Pull A Titanic)

Not nibbling on baby formula, watching the sun bake, all those people paying $5 per gallon for gas. Wasting away again in Biden/Powellville.

It was closing hell for a terrible day in markets as investors struggle to process the dreadful and seemingly endless inflation report on Friday.

What happened today? The NASDAQ tanked -4.58% and the 10-year Treasury yield jumped 22.2 basis points. Gulp.

The 22.2 bps jump in the 10-year Treasury yield has led to Agency MBS prices pulling a Titanic and sank.

Somehow, I don’t think that Biden and Congress are going to help the middle class and low-wage workers.

US Gasoline And Food Prices Soar To All-time Highs As Fed Begins Removing Monetary Stimulus (10-year US Treasury Yield Jumps 8.7 BPS)

US gasoline prices just rose to an all-time high. Yes, even higher than the Dubya-era gasoline price surge of 2008.

Rising gasoline and diesel prices are helping drive up food prices to the highest level in history.

The proxy war the US is fighting in with Russia in Ukraine is helping drive up food prices. But at the core is Biden’s anti-fossil fuel drilling executive orders starting when Statist Joe (and The Fish) became President.

As The Fed begins unwinding their massive balance sheet, the 10-year US Treasury yield jumped 8.7 basis points.