Is That All There Is? US GDP Grows At A Pathetic 1.1% QoQ Rate Despite Massive Spending Spree By Biden, Gross Private Domestic Investment Crashes By -12.5% QoQ (Bad Return On $3.37 TRILLION In Spending)

Crooner Peggy Lee said it best: Is that all there is?

Unfortunately, US GDP grew at a pathetic 1.1% QoQ.

Official estimates from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) show that, since January 2021, legislation signed by President Biden has set in motion a record $3.37 trillion in new spending. And for all that spending, we get a pathetic 1.1% QoQ growth rate?

Inflation continues to be 4% QoQ despite M2 Money growth collapsing.

Gross private domestic investment crashed by -12.5% QoQ.

This is Biden’s idea of a strong economy? His lame campaign slogan is “Let’s finish the job!” Please don’t Joe!

And take Janet “The Evil Hobbit” with you!