Happy Doing What They’re Doing? S&P 500 Forward PE Ratio At Dot.com Highs (Shiller CAPE High, But Lower Than Dot.com Highs)

Is The Federal Reserve happy doing what they’re doing?

Between Covid-19 and The Fed’s hyper-liquidity, we are getting a bubble in the S&P 500.

The Case Cyclically-adjusted P/E ratio is relatively high, but not as high as it was during the dot.com bubble.

So, who is to blame for the multiple asset bubbles?

Shutdown! Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook Crashes To -73.7% (Help Me, Fauci!)

The government shutdown of the US economy is having devastating effects. For example, the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook Level Of General Business Activity » (SA, % Balance/Diffusion Index) has crashed to its lowest level since before The Great Recession.


Not surprisingly, Case-Shiller home prices in the Dallas TX area are pretty steady and seemingly immune to Dallas area unemployment rates. So far.


Help us Fauci! End the economic lockdown.