Fed Raises Target Rate By 75 BPS As Recession Looms, DOT Plots Signals Rates Rising To 4.625% In 2023 Then Reverting Back To 2.5% (Mortgage Rate Rises To 6.38%)

As expected, The Federal Reserve raise their target rate by 75 basis points today. While that sounds like an inflation (blue line)-crushing rate hike, look at the slowly shrinking Fed Balance Sheet (gold line).

Of course, the risk of a recession (dark blue line) is on the increase.

Given the increasing likelihood of a recession, The FOMC’s Dots Project shows The Fed’s target rate increasing to 4.625% in 2023, then gradually declining to 2.5% in the long run.

Fed Funds Futures data points to a peak in May 2023.

And with The Fed’s tighten-up, Bankrate’s 30yr mortgage rate rose to 6.38%.

Why is The Fed so slow to reduce its prodigious balance sheet if they REALLY wanted to fight inflation? So we can’t really say that The Fed has been turned loose to fight inflation.