Sparkless! M2 Money Growth Crashes To -3.13% YoY As Fed Slams On Monetary Brakes To Fight TLFTL (Too Low For Too Long) Policies And Insane Federal Spending Spree (Fed Funds Effective Rate UP >5,000% YoY)

I love how the Supernatural character Dick Roman, a Levianthan, referred to Joe Biden as replaceable and having no spark. BUT Biden, Pelosi and Schumer did go on a historic spending spree helping to create massive inflation (so Biden and the gang did spark inflation).

To show you how Yellen/Powell’s Too Low For Too Long (TLFTL) monetary polices coupled with Biden/Pelosi/Schumer’s (add McConnell to this foul-smelling witches’ brew), Powell and The Gang (aka, The Fed) slammed on the monetary brakes. On a year-over-year basis, M2 Money growth has crashed tl -3.13%. The shocking number is The Fed Fund Effective Rate which rose over 5,000% YoY.

Actually, the US has been on a money printing spree since 1995, but it was Covid spending and monetary expansion in 2020 that crushed M2 Money Velocity (GDP/M2).

Here is Supernatural’s Leviathan monster Dick Roman handing an award to sparkless President Joe Biden. But Biden did spark massive inflation that crushed the US middle class and low wage workers.