Yellen Doubts US Could Still Pay All of Its Bills by June 15 (Treasury Cash Balance Drops To Dangerously Low $57 Billion As M2 Money Growth Crashes)

Its May 21st and Biden still refuses to budge on paring back his massively bloated budget of green energy payoffs. Yet Biden laughingly stated it isn’t his fault if the US defaults on its debt. It is absolutely 100% Biden’s fault and he should be impeached if he fails to meet Republicans half way.

(Bloomberg) Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the US is unlikely to reach mid-June and still be able to pay its bills, underscoring the urgency of the White House reaching a deal with Republicans to raise the debt limit. 

“Well, there’s always uncertainty about tax receipts and spending,” Yellen said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “And so it’s hard to be absolutely certain about this, but my assessment is that the odds of reaching June 15 while being able to pay all of our bills is quite low.”

Biden and McCarthy have been at an impasse since January over raising the government’s $31.4 trillion borrowing limit. The Treasury has been deploying special accounting measures since January to stay within the statutory ceiling.

“On June 15, there are tax payments that are made that are substantial,” Yellen told NBC. “But early June, I interpret as before that, and it would be very difficult to get to that date.”

This is coming from the former Federal Reserve Chair who raised interest rates once while Obama was President, then raises rates 8 time after Trump won the election.

Surprisingly, cryptos are down today despite Biden’s incompetence and Yellen’s dire warning. Atleast TRON is up!

Yes, Yellen is the same person who raised interest rates just once under Obama, then 8 times after Trump was elected. And Yellen is the same person who said inflation was transitory, yet remains elevated. Yellen is truly The Deep State’s fuiancial manager.

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