Wasting Away In Bidenville! Dow Tanks -500 Points On Friday As Fed Reaffirms Their Fight On Bidenflation

My investments are wasting away in Bidenville! Looking for my lost 401k value.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was DOWN -500 points on Friday as The Federal Reserve continues their fight against inflation (green line).

If fact, since January 4, 2022, the Dow is down -22%.

Negative wage growth, relentless inflation, collapsing 401ks, we are wasting away in Bidenville.

Hey Joe! Where is the US economy? With Jackie Walorski??

Sink The Bismarck! German 10yr REAL Yield Plunges To -7.89% (US REAL 10yr Yield At -4.43%)

Sink The Bismarck! Or at least sink the German economy.

Between going green and the war in Ukraine, Germany is seeing economic distress (high inflation) and a -7.89% Real 10yr yield. At least the US is seeing “only” a -4.43% REAL 10yr Treasury yield.

Like the US, I wonder who in Germany studied game theory? That is, going green leaves nations vulnerable to foreign nations oil and natural gas supplies. Like Russian natural gas.

The Nash equilibrium is a decision-making theorem within game theory that states a player can achieve the desired outcome by not deviating from their initial strategy. In the Nash equilibrium, each player’s strategy is optimal when considering the decisions of other players.

Unfortunately, the US and Germany have deviated from the initial strategy are are paying dearly with skyrocketing energy prices. Particularly as we enter the winter season.

So, who blew up the Nordstream natural gas pipeline going from Russia to Germany?

I can take a guess.

Wipe Out! $32 TRILLION In Stock Value Wiped Out (US Core Deflator Rises To 4.9% Prompting Taylor Rule Fed Target Rate Of 9.65%, We Are Currently At 3.25%)

Wipe out!

$32 TRILLION of global stock value has been wiped out since December 2021.

Today’s core PCE deflator reading of 4.9% YoY shows that the inflation surge is not over. With a core PCE deflator of 4.9%, the Taylor Rule suggests that The Fed Funds Target Rate should be at 9.65%, far below its current level of 3.25%. So, IFF The Fed is following any sort of rule, rates should continue to soar.

And if we use headline inflation of 8.30% YoY, the Taylor Rule suggests hiking the target rate to 14.75%.

After yesterday’s dismal Q2 report of -0.6%, I fully anticipate a recession. Ain’t this a kick in the … head.

The Oakland Stroke? Oakland CA Leads Nation In Home Price DECLINE At -15.1% Over 3 Months (San Francisco DOWN -11.2% Over 3 Months As Fed Removes Punch Bowl)

Is the Oakland housing market having a stroke?

The US housing market is facing stress thanks to The Federal Reserve’s “war on inflation.” As The Fed starts trimming its excess ballast and M2 Money growth YoY slows to the lowest since Pre-Covid, we are seeing housing markets like San Francisco beginning to experience declines in home prices.

According to Redfin, Oakland California is leading the nation in terms of declining sales prices at -15.1% over a 3 month period. Followed by Silicon Valley and San Jose at -12.7%. San Francisco is in third place at -11.2% (I will ignore Lake Havasu AZ since it is teeny but does have one of the London Bridges) and Austin TX is in 5th place at -9.7%.

Powell and The Fed are doing “The Oakland Stroke.”

Slowdown! US PMI Composite Index Slumps To 44.6 As M2 Money Growth Slows (Fed Tightening Starting To Hurt)

The US Composite PMI was released this morning and it printed at 44.6.

Not surprising given that M2 Money growth has slowed as The Fed removes its monetary punch bowl.

M2 stimulus is foul-tasting for the middle class and low-wage workers thanks to inflation.

To quote Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt, “This one’s going to hurt you for a long, long time.”

What M2 Money Growth Says About US Employment Numbers (Job Creation Will Likely Slow As Fed Removes Monetary Stimulus, REAL Hourly Earnings YoY Are Declining)

Joe Biden is the king of malaprops. But his press secretary is just as bad as her boss. Recently, she said that under Biden, there were 10,000 million jobs created. Better known as 10 BILLION jobs created. Not bad, considering that the total population of the US is 333 million. THAT is a hot labor market! /sarc

But seriously, the US U-3 unemployment rate is 3.7% in August, the lowest since Donald Trump was President and BEFORE the Covid outbreak. The Covid economic shutdown saw a surge in the unemployment rate to 14.7% in April 2020 that begat a huge spike in M2 Money growth (22% YoY in May 2022 (green line). Only now is M2 Money growth returning to Trump-era growth rates.

But as The Federal Reserve removes its hefty monetary stimulus, it is unlikely that the unemployment rate will remain low.

In defense of Biden’s press secretary, the US economy saw 10.247 million jobs added under Biden (although while technically correct, even MSNBC wouldn’t give Biden credit for job creation in his first several months as President. Check that. They probably would.

April 2020 saw a decline in US jobs of -20.493 million jobs thanks to the Covid economic shutdowns. BUT with the M2 Money surge, we saw +12.1 million jobs added between May and November 2020 under Trump. Then the US elected China Joe (or Beijing Biden) as President.

The economic shutdowns due to Covid were an economic disaster for millions. But the surge in M2 Money (supporting the various Federal spending programs and inflation) explains the surge in jobs added, not economic wizardry of Biden.

For some reason, Biden and his press secretary failed to mention that inflation is so bad that REAL average hourly earnings YoY are declining at a 3% pace.

And not surprisingly, job growth has accrued to big corporations and not small businesses.

The Comeback Kid? US Personal Savings Rate Is -51.5% YoY To Cope With Bidenflation Raging At 8.5% YoY (Meanwhile The Fed Is “Slothing” Its Balance Sheet Reduction)

It is amazing that Biden is rising in the polls, simply because he got several inflation-generating, crony pay-off bills passed through a Democrat-controlled Congress. Even more amazing is that Americans aren’t more furious with Biden given that inflation is still raging at 8.5% YoY and the US Personal Savings Rate to cope with raging prices is at -51.5% YoY.

It looks like one quick fix to the inflation problem is for The Federal Reserve to shrink its balance sheet. But they are taking their own sweet time doing it.

And then we have the S&P 500 index which has done poorly since Powell and The Fed have undertaken their “fight inflation” mantra caused by their own folly and Biden’s green, anti-fossil fuel policies. Not to mention Congress spending like drunken sailors in port.

But the same is going on in Europe where inflation is even higher than in the USA and the EUR/USD is plunging like a paralyzed falcon.

And then we have Biden shrinking the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (orange line).

And in Europe, we have Germany suffering through a horrible energy price spike.

Finally, here is a baseball card of former Dodger pitcher Billy Loes. He almost reminds me of Biden trying to think through a complex problem like student loan debt forgiveness that may cost taxpayers an average of $2,000 yet buy votes for Democrats at the midyear elections.

M2 Money Growth Slows Further As Assets (Bitcoin, Home Prices) Fall With Slower Growth (Biden Helps Drive College Tuition Even Higher With Student Loan Forgiveness)

Biden is the opposite of the miserly Scrooge McDuck. He gives billions to Ukraine and spends trillions on various Federal projects without batting an eye as to how and who is going to pay for all the spending. And Biden’s latest election pandering is no different.

Speaker Pelosi claims that Biden’s bold action on student loan forgiveness is a strong step in Democrats’ fight to … make college even MORE expensive and lead to colleges hiring even MORE administrators (aka, apparatchiks) making colleges even MORE bogged-down in red tape.

And Speaker Pelosi, the costs of Biden’s midterm election buy of votes is estimated to be $300 BILLION. And a report from the Brookings Institution observed that one-third of student debt is owed by the wealthiest 20% of households, while only 8% is owned by the bottom 20%.

So, Biden is letting AOC write-off $10k of her student loan obligation. Bear in mind that the $10k forgiveness is taxed by The Federal government as income.

It looks like The Fed will have to expand the M2 Money supply to pay for “Billions Biden’s” spending spree.

I wish Biden, Pelosi and Schumer were more like Dwight Schrute from Dunder-Mifflin.

Alarm! US Home Builder Index Falls Below 50 As Fed Tightens Monetary Noose


The National Association of Home Builders Market Index slipped into darkness … that is, dropped below 50 to 49 in August as The Federal Reserve continues to tighten its uber-loose monetary policy, resulting in rising mortgage rates.

Note the plunge in the NAHB market index as mortgage rates began rising.

Jay’s Famous Chili! M1 And M2 Money Velocity Crushed By Covid “Relief” As US Treasury Yield Curve (10Y-2Y) Remains Inverted

The 2020 Covid outbreak led to a massive (and generally awful) reaction. There were economic shutdowns that caused extensive damage (particularly to small firms), but it was the massive overreaction by The Federal government in terms of Covid relief and The Federal Reserve’s expansion of the money supply that caused considerable damage.

One truly horrific chart is that of M1 Money and M1 Money Velocity (M1/GDP). M1 Money surged with Covid driving M1 Money Velocity down to levels never seem before.

The broader measure of money, M2, isn’t as dramatic, but we also see that M2 Money VELOCITY has plunged to levels never seen before.

What does low money velocity indicate? Simply put, The Fed is printing trillions of dollars, but GDP isn’t moving much. But that won’t stop Congress from spending (and using The Fed to buy its debt).

So, here we sit. This morning, the US Treasury yield curve (10Y-2Y) remains inverted. This AM, the curve inverted another -.591 basis points to -42.725, a sign of impending recession.

Yes, we are living through Jay Powell’s famous chili episode where money velocity is near historic lows and we have an inverted yield curve.

BTW, congratulations to Will Zalatoris (aka, Happy Gilmore’s caddy) for his first PGA Tour victory at the FedEx St. Jude Championship!