Addicted To Gov? US Job Openings Slow As Fed Withdraws Monetary Punch Bowl (But Fed Will Start Cutting Rates Again Shortly)

Talk about an economy that seems dependent on Federal government money printing. The US economy seems hopelessly addicted to gov money printing.

Today, US job openings fell in February to 9,931k. While that is still a large number, look at the chart of job openings and M2 Money printing. There is a one year lag between maximum printing and job openings. But M2 Money growth has collapsed.

Doctor, doctor (Yellen), no pill from The Fed is going to cure the problem of reliance on money printing.

The Fed has printed like a deranged predator since 2008, yet housing inventory for sale keeps plunging.

Money printing is simply irresistable to The Fed. Hence, The Fed will start cutting rates … again.