US New Home Sales Tank -17.6% YoY In September (Declines In 15 Of Last 16 Months) As Rates Soar With Fed Tightening (Median Price Of New Homes Sold UP 7.8% YoY)

Another day, another lousy economic report under Biden.

Today, we found out that new home sales declined -11% MoM (from August to September) and fell -17.6% from last year YoY. With 603k SAAR sold.

The median price of new home sales was UP 7.8% YoY.

Here is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.

The housing and mortgage markets seem broken. Time for a new approach??

US 1-Unit Housing Starts Plunge -18.5% In September As Liquidity Grinds To A Halt (Multifamily Starts DOWN -13.11%)

Liquidity is a big deal for the housing and mortgage markets.

Unfortunately, M2 Money YoY (liquidity) is shrinking fast and 1-unit (single family detached) starts dropped -18.5% in September.

This is not surprising given the decline yesterday in the NAHB market index.

Even multifamily (5+ unit starts) were down -13.11% in September.

Powell’s Famous Chili! National Association of Home Builders Market Index Falls More Than Expected To 46 As Fed Tightens Monetary Noose (Lowest Since 2012, Excluding Covid Crash)

The National Association of Home Builders market index fell more than expected in September to 46, the lowest reading since 2012 (if I exclude the Covid economic shutdown).

Note that the NAHB market index is declining along with at the increase in the 30yr mortgage rate.

Powell Channels Mr T As Dow Drops 1,000 Points, Home Builder Index Plummets (UMich Buying Conditions For Houses Remains Near 1982 Levels)

‘‘We will keep at it until we are confident the job (i.e. killing inflation) is done.’’

Jerome Powell, Jackson Hole speech

Interviewer : What’s your prediction for the market?

Clubber Lang (Mr T) : My prediction?

Interviewer : Yes, your prediction.

[Clubber looks into camera] 

Clubber Lang : Pain!

Of course, Friday was one of those “Black Fridays” for investors. And pension funds.

The Dow Jone Industrial Average fell -1008.38 points after Powell’s “Mr T” remarks on pain. That was a whopping -3%. The NASDAQ composite index fell almost -4%.

Equity markets struggled in Europe as well, particularly the German DAX index.

The UMich Buying conditions for houses rose slightly, but remains near the lowest level since 1982.

Clubber Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman.

The Case-Shiller house price numbers are due out Tuesday for June and it is expected that they will show a significant slowing in home prices. Biden and Clubber Powell could then take “credit” for slowing “inflation.”

Meet Me At The Bottom? US Housing Starts (1-Unit) Tank -18.5% YoY In July (Down -10.11% MoM, Apartment Starts Down -10% MoM)

Meet Me At The Bottom … of the housing market?

As The Federal Reserve fights inflation (caused by too much Fed stimulus for too long) and Federal energy policies, we are seeing mortgage rates rising and the housing market decaying.

1-unit (single family detached) housing starts dropped -18.5% YoY in July as mortgage rates rose in 2022. Note the impact of the Covid stimulus (green line) and the resulting surge in housing starts in April 2021, but housing starts have decayed as M2 Money growth slows.

5+ unit (apartment) starts were down -10% MoM in July, but at least permits for apartments rose +2.51% MoM.

Well, we at least know why the NAHB Homebuilder index sucked wind so badly yesterday.

Perhaps the housing market needs a little spoonful of QE.

Alarm! US New Home Sales Plunge -17.4% YoY As Fed Tightens Noose And Recession Alarms Sound (Median Prices Fall -9.47% YoY)


US new home sales plunged -17.4% YoY and down -8.1% MoM in June.

The unsettling bit is the median price of new home sales declining -9.47% YoY.

The midwest was the big gainer in new home sales in June.

US New Home Sales Decline -19.3% YoY As Mortgage Rates Rise (Median Price Of New Home Sales UP 13.4% YoY)

US new home sales declined -19.3% YoY in January as mortgage rates have risen awfully fast.

On a MoM basis, US housing starts declined -4.53% from December, but heck … its winter. The median price for new homes rose 7.03% from December.

Median price of new home sales YoY is now 13.4% thanks to limited available inventory for sale.

US New Home Sales Rise To 708K Units SAAR In July (+1% From June) While Median Price Soars To $390K

The good news! US new home sales rose 1% in July to 708k units SAAR.

The bad news? The median price of new home sales is $390k.

More bad news for the midwest and northeast. New home sales dropped. Most of the growth in new home sales occurred in The West.

Hot, hot, hot! But not in the northeast and midwest. There it is not, not, not.

US Homebuilder Confidence Drops To 13-Month Low As Building Material Prices Increase 19.4% Over Past Year

The NAHB Homebuilder confidence index dropped to a 13 month low as building materials rise by 19.4% YoY.

Of course, then we have the University of Michigan conditions for buying a home crashing as well.

Rising home prices and rising construction material costs? Yikes.

Of course, the NAHB had this to say:

“Our expectation is that production bottlenecks should ease over the coming months and the market should return to more normal conditions,” NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz said in a statement.

Perhaps, but The Fed needs to slow down its money printing as well.

The most powerful economists in the world?