Alarm! US M2 Money Growth Crashes To -3.128% YoY As Fed Depthcharges US Economy To Fight Inflation (Fed Funds Rate Expected To Rise Twice, Then Depthcharge Like Das Boot)


America’s mega bank, The Federal Reserve, is slowing M2 Money growth so rapidly that it looks like it is depthcharging the US economy.

Inflation in the US has been booming since 1) Biden attacked fossil fuels, 2) The Fed’s overresponse to Covid (+27.48% YoY on February 22, 2021 near the beginning of Biden’s Reign of Error). and 3) out of control Federal spending under Biden, Pelosi and Schumer.

Fed Funds Futures point to two more Fed rate hikes before The Fed drop rates like a depthcharge. This depthcharge will help create a rekindling of asset bubbles.

The Taylor Rule suggets a Fed Funds Target rate of 11.77 while the current target rate is only 5%. This is called “leading from behind.”

Here is The Fed monitoring the US economy in order to decide on firing more financial torpedos!