US Housing Starts In April Crash -22.3% Since Last Year, 12 Consecutive Months Of Negative Growth (But Up 2.19% From March) As Fed Crashes M2 Money Growth

More bad news about the economy and housing sector under Biden/Yellen/Powell’s Reign of Economic Error.

US housing starts are out for April 2023. The bad news? Housing starts tanked -22.3% year-over-year (YoY).

The good news? US housing starts were up 2.19% from March to April. 1-unit detached starts were up 1.56% MoM while 5+ unit starts up 5.24% MoM. Permits for multifamily were down -9.71% from March to April.

The media will no doubt try to ignore the horrifying Durham Report. The report showed that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration knowingly smeared Presidential candidate Donald Trump with false Russian misinformation and knowingly tried to steal an election. I wonder if Attorney General Merrick Garland will open an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s involvement in election tampering? Oh wait, the IRS was told to stop investigating Hunter Biden’s nefarious dealings. Never mind.