May Jobs Report Adds 339k Jobs, But Unemployment Rate Rises To 3.7% (Avg Hourly Earnings Cool To 4.3% YoY, Too Bad Core Inflation Still Sizzling At 5.5%)

The May jobs report is out and, under normal circumstances, would led The Fed to raise rates. But these are not normal times, my friends.

The US economy (allegedly) added 339k jobs in May. That is the good news.

The not-so-good news? A large diverengence between the Establishment survey and Household survey. +339k versus -310k. What’s it going to be?

The bad news? While US average hourly earnings YoY cooled to 4.3%, inflation is still roaring at 4.9% (headline) and 5.5% (core). So Americans are still losing ground to inflation.

The unemployment rate rose to 3.7% in May while the underemployment rate rose to 6.7%.

With unemployment rising to 3.7%, the Taylor Rule implies a Fed Funds Target rate of 10.12%. We are currently at 5.25%. Or just a little over halfway there. But The Fed is talking a pause in rate hikes.

Even Powell is getting a headache.

Like Persistent Inflation, New Home Sales Rise 4.1% MoM In April Despite M2 Money Collapse (Taylor Rule Suggests Target Rate Of 11.78%, So The Fed Is STILL Overstimulating Markets)

Remember when former Fed Chair and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that inflation was transitory? As usual, Yellen was wrong. Look at April’s new home sales. Up 4.1% since March even through M2 Money growth has collapsed.

The Taylor Rule, based on Core CPI of 5.25% (persistent, not transitory inflation Janet) suggest a Fed target rate of 11.78%. The Fed is at 5.25% and likely to pause rate hikes and maybe even lower rates again.

Wasting Away Again In Bidenville! Core Inflation Rate UP 244% Under Biden, Food UP 46%, Gasoline Prices UP 60%, Rental Growth UP 268% As Biden/McCarthy Negotiate

The US middle class is wasting away in Bidenville. While Climate Envoy John Kerry threatens to seize farms in the name of … climate change? The moral hazard problems associated with farm seizures boggle the mind.

So, everyone keeps talking about the debt ceiling and the fact that America is about to run out of money. How did we just find $375 million dollars AGAIN to ship on over to Zelenskyy?

Biden and McCarthy met on the debt ceiling and nothing has been resolved. They both represent the BIG donor class and big Pharma, big defense, big tech, big media, big tech, anything that is big runs Congress and the Administration. So of course they will finally agree to raise the debt ceiling and continue their insane spending on the donor class.

As of right now, there is no deal to raise the debt limit. Biden wants to raise the already insane and irresponsible Federal budget. McCarthy wants no new taxes. Who will cave in this game of chicken? My guess is that McCarthy will cave. Biden may whip out the 14th Amendment to bypass McCarthy and Congress, but this makes Biden a dictator (which would suit him fine, but would be a horrible precedent).

Core Inflation Rate UP 244% under Biden, Food UP 46%, Gasoline Prices UP 60%, Rental Growth UP 268%. What a disaster under Biden’s Reign of Error.

But at least the Biden family are getting wealthy beyond comprehension. Isn’t that Ashley Biden in the blue?

Gov’t Gone Wild! Biden Refuses To Cut Bloated Budget, Cory Bush’s $14 TRILLION Reparations Demand (US Dollar DOWN -21% Since Sept 2022 While Bitcoin UP 41%, Gold UP 21%, Silver UP 28%)

This is truly the new version of “Girls Gone Wild!” except this time it is elderly politicians in Washington DC acting like demented children. Biden will not budge on spending cuts with the debt limit soooo close to the point of no return. But Biden may not budge since he has the corporate media spewing hate against Republicans nonstop.

And on top of Biden’s outrageous budget, largely payoffs to progressive groups, Missouri Representative Cori Bush (D-of course) is demanding $14 TRILLION in slave reparations. Or what?? More BLM riots? Even California Governor Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom isn’t stupid enough to approve budgetary disaster like reparations.

But that is where we are in the US. A President who acts like a spoiled 12 year old bully, members of Congress like Cori Bush and AOC who think The Fed can just print trillions MORE and give it to preferred groups. Senator Diane Feinstein (soon to be replaced by a horrible human being in the person of Adam Schiff). John Fetterman, the next Bernie Sanders?? C’mon DC. A true ship of fools. And dangerous ones at that.

So since September 26, 2022, we have seen a fundametal shift in markets. The US Dollar is down -21% since September 26, 2022 while Bitcoin is up 41%, Gold is up 21% and Silver is up 28%.

Biden is sitting pretty, If McCarthy chickens out and agrees to Biden’s outrageous budget, Biden looks like a hero. If Biden defaults, the MSM media will blame McCarthy and Republicans, so Biden wins. No wonder Biden said he isn’t worried about the debt ceiling negotations. He wins no matter what, And we the 99% get screwed.

Battered By BidenInflation, 90 Million Americans Struggle Paying Bills As Credit Card Usage Spikes (Biden/Yellen/Schumer Dither As Debt Hits $32 TRILLION With $188 TRILLION In Unfunded Liabilities)

Reminder, the US already has $32 TRILLION in debt and politicians have promised $188 TRILLION in entitlement spending. yet we are sending billions to Ukraine, etc. Yet Biden is visiting Japan (hide your little girls, Hiroshima!) and Biden/Congress still haven’t solved the debt limit crisis and Biden’s insane budget yet. Meanwhile, Americans are suffering from Biden’s inflation (aka, Bidenflation) and bad economic policies.

A large swath of American consumers are facing financial hardship as they grapple with elevated living costs, record-high credit card use, and two years of negative real wage growth. This perfect storm could decimate financially fragile households in the next downturn.  (Zero Hedge).

As many as 89.1 million American adults (or about 38.5%) were found to experience some form of difficulty in covering expenses between April 26 and May 8, according to Bloomberg, citing new data from the Household Pulse Survey. This is up from 34.4% in 2022 and 26.7% during the same period in 2021. 

The rising trend is alarming but not surprising. Consumers have been battered by two years of negative real wage growth.

As wages fail to outpace the cost of living, many consumers have burned through savings and resorted to credit cards. The latest revolving credit data shows consumers appear to be ‘strong,’ but that’s only because they use their plastic cards more than ever to survive

The Household Pulse Survey found struggling households were primarily based across West Coast and the South. 

Compared with the same period last year, the survey found 2.7 million more households were relying on credit cards to cover expenses. 

Consumers have record card debt and ultra-low savings rates and are paying some of the highest borrowing costs in a generation (the average interest rate on cards now exceeds 20%). This debt is becoming insurmountable for some as delinquencies rise

And what we have now is new debit and credit card data published by the Bank of America Institute that shows not just spending slowdown for lower-income consumers, but also the upper-income cohort is finally starting to crack

However, it is appropriate that Biden is visiting Hiroshima Japan where a nuke was detonated to help end World War II.. Biden is doing the same to the US.

US Leading Economic Indicators Tumble For 13th Straight Month, “Weaknesses Were Widespread”

The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) continued its decline in April, dropping 0.6% MoM (in line with the 0.6% decline expected).

  • The biggest positive contributor to the leading index was stock prices at 0.16
  • The biggest negative contributor was average consumer expectations at -0.26

This is the 13th straight monthly decline in the LEI (and 14th month of 16) –  the longest streak of declines since ‘Lehman’ (22 straight months of declines from June 2007 to April 2008).

Let’s go Brandon! He needs to finish the job! Or destroying the US economy and making the US a vassal state to China.

And Washington DC bureaucrats eat pork!

Living In Biden’s Economy! US Existing Home Sales In April Crash -23.16% Since Last Year, EHS Down -3.4% Since March (Median Price Of EHS Down -2.09% YoY As Inventory Remains MIA)

Living in Biden’s economy. The ongoing train wreck is slow motion.

US existing home sales tanked -23.16% year-over-year (YoY) as the economy slows and The Fed tightens.

On a month-over-month (MoM), existing home sales declined -3.4% in April from March to 4.28 million SAAR.

The median price of existing home sales fell -2.09% from March to April (MoM) as inventory for sales remains depressed.

US Housing Starts In April Crash -22.3% Since Last Year, 12 Consecutive Months Of Negative Growth (But Up 2.19% From March) As Fed Crashes M2 Money Growth

More bad news about the economy and housing sector under Biden/Yellen/Powell’s Reign of Economic Error.

US housing starts are out for April 2023. The bad news? Housing starts tanked -22.3% year-over-year (YoY).

The good news? US housing starts were up 2.19% from March to April. 1-unit detached starts were up 1.56% MoM while 5+ unit starts up 5.24% MoM. Permits for multifamily were down -9.71% from March to April.

The media will no doubt try to ignore the horrifying Durham Report. The report showed that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration knowingly smeared Presidential candidate Donald Trump with false Russian misinformation and knowingly tried to steal an election. I wonder if Attorney General Merrick Garland will open an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s involvement in election tampering? Oh wait, the IRS was told to stop investigating Hunter Biden’s nefarious dealings. Never mind.

Shot Through The Heart! US Bankrupties Had Worst Start To 2023 Since 2010 (US Credit Card Delinquencies Growing At Fastest Rate Since 2010 Too)

The US economy, despite the tight labor market, has been shot through the heart by Biden’s economic policies. The Biden Administration (aka, Obama’s third term as President) is giving government a bad name.

On the corporate side, US bankruptcies in 2023 had the worst start to a year since 2010 and the financial crisis.

On the personal finance side of the ledger, the delinqueny rate on credit cards is growing at the faster rate since 2010.

Throw in 22 straight months of negative REAL wage growth, and have a scary situation facing middle America.

And the shate of outstanding subprime auto debt (30 days or more delinquent) is up to the highest rate since … well, you know when. The financial crisis of 2009-2010.

The US middle class is living on a prayer, because Washington DC doesn’t care.

But don’t worry. Mayor Pete, the EPA and Ohio governor Mike DeWine claim the air is good to breath and the water safe to drink in East Palestine Ohio.

Why isn’t Greta Thunberg racing to Ohio to protest the dumping of toxic chemicals?

The Core! Core PCE Deflator Declines To 4.4% YoY As M2 Money Stops Spinning At -1.3% YoY (Taylor Rule Estimate Now 10.0%)

There was a hilarious film with Hillary Swank and Aaron Ekhart called “The Core” where earth’s core stops spinning and the earth gets cooked by the Sun’s rediation. Now we learn that the Earth’s inne core has actually stop spinning. This time, however, all that has happened is that Joe Biden is President which is almost as bad,

But also related to “The Core” is that the important Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) are out for December along with PCE price deflator numbers. In short, personal income was up 0.2% month-over-month (MoM) in December while personal spending was down -0.2%. REAL personal spending was down -0.3% MoM.

But the all important PCE deflators numbers were down all well. The REAL PCE price index (or deflator) was down to 5.0% YoY in Decmember while REAL CORE price index was down to 4.40%. All this is happening as M2 Money growth has stop spinning (down to -1.3% YoY in December).

Based on a CORE PCE YoY of 4.40%, the Taylor Rules suggest that The Fed Fund Target rate should be … 10%. However, the current Fed Funds Target rate is only 4.50%, so The Fed is not even half way there.

Fed Funds Futures are pointing to a peak rate of 4.90% by the June ’23 FOMC meeting, then a pivot (despite denials from Fed talking heads).

Of course, The Fed doesn’t follow the Taylor Rule or any other transparent rule for rate management. Rather, Fed Chair Powell like former Chair (and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen) follow a more seat-of-the-pants approach.