Infrastructure Bill Contains 2% Cut In Medicare Reimbursements And Delay In Implementation Of Competitive Drug Rebate Rule (Landrieu Will Coordinate Infrastructure Plan)

How did healthcare insurance companies get a seat at the table for the massive infrastructure bill is beyond me.

President Biden and Congressional Democrats are celebrating the signing of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill at the White House. Remember, of the $1.2 trillion estimated price tag, less than 10 percent –$110 billion – will fund true infrastructure: bridges, roads, tunnels, and waterways.

And what the hell is healthcare doing in the infrastructure bill?

H.R. 3864 will restore a 2 percent cut in reimbursements to Medicare providers, on top of all the other federal payments reductions.

A second health care provision buried in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill delays implementation of the Medicare Part D Rebate Rule, a Trump-era rule that would inject competitive forces into the market for prescription drugs. Just like payment cuts, by delaying this rule, desperately needed drugs will remain unaffordable and therefore unavailable.

And they wonder why there is a going concierge medicine movement that won’t accept Medicare and healthcare insurance. It is The Red Hour for free markets.

Biden has appointed former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to coordinate infrastructure plan implementation.

I am Landrieu.” Former mayor of the most corrupt city in the United States. Makes sense that Biden would choose Landrieu to coordinate the infrastructure plan.

Reverse Repos Parked Overnight At Fed Remain Near $1,418 BILLION As UBS Warns Of Stagflation And 50% Stock Plunge

When something is wrong with the economy.

Banks park funds at The Federal Reserve in an attempt to soothe themselves.

Nothing has been the same since the housing bubble of the 2000s, the resulting banking meltdown and the takeover of the economy by The Federal Reserve.

And since the 2000s housing bubble and financial crisis, The Federal Reserve has taken control of the economy resulting in M2 Money Velocity crashing to historic lows.

UBS ran a simulation that shows stocks could lose up to 50% under rare stagflation scenario.

And The Fed says “Hold on, we’re coming!”

My reaction to Biden’s Build Back Better spending spree and The Fed keeping rates repressed.