Life Under Biden! US Sovereign Risk, US Debt Roar To Record Highs As Inflation Remains High … In One Chart!

This is life under Joe Biden. Record sovereign risk, record high debt, near 40-year highs in inflation, a hot war in Ukraine with Russia, failure of DOJ/FBI to do anything about the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop, repression of free speech, soaring crime, out of control borders. Should I keep going? It is a disastrous mess created by Obama/Biden and their creepy allies.

US sovereign risk just hit 130, the highest since CDS was recorded. This alligns with Biden/Congress massive borrow and spend policies where Federal debt has soared to it highest level in history. Inflation, while cooling, remains high.

On the housing front, REAL national home price growth is negative which makes sense since REAL average hourly wage growth has been negative for the last 24 months.

And just over the past year, commericial bank deposits are falling like a paralyzed falcon.

Biden and Obama’s chief hack in the White House, Susan Rice, are burning down the house.

And she was.